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Join me for 10 minutes (or less!) of abs for 25 days. The purpose of this isn't to "get abs!" or "burn off" holiday food, but to celebrate moving your body, to have great ab circuits, and to learn proper core engagement.Details:Each day, for 25 days, you have a new ab workout to complete. Every workout is 10 minutes or less, and requires no equipment. This program includes 25 written workouts plus videos of Macy demonstrating each move so that you know correct form and proper breathing.These workouts are obviously great to keep for WHENEVER you need ab workouts! They do not have to be completed in a 25 days in a row format. Use them at the end of a weights or cardio workout, when you're wanting to move your body for just a quick minute, or if you're wanting to feel a good ab burn!Can't wait to do this together!xo,Macy
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