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A 3-month program written with power, strength, and confidence as the end goal. Not a number on the scale, not a pant size, but a FEELING.

I wanted to create a program that helped me regain power, strength, and confidence. Every one of these workouts was written with the goal of making you feel better about yourself than when you started it. And that goal was personally accomplished for me.


- a "heavier" weight (I use a 35 pound dumbbell)

- a set of "lighter" weight dumbbells (I go back and forth between 8 pounds and 10 pounds)

- and an incline (I use a cooler)


36 workouts, with a suggested completion of 3 workouts a week.

Purchase includes 36 follow-along video workouts and a downloadable PDF of written workouts.

Total (including taxes)
USD $120.00