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Back & Biceps With Abs Buy Collection Back & Biceps With Abs

I'll be the first to admit that I would choose a lower body workout, cardio workout, or just about any other workout before picking a back and biceps workout. For NO particular reason other than I just don't enjoy working those muscle groups! I do know the importance of working those muscle groups though, as we need a balanced body. Meaning: even though I'd like to, I can't do glutes everyday (bummer, I know) because my lower half can't be the all-dominant half of my body. My upper half needs its strength, too!

So I had an idea--what if I created a program that put my own spin on back and biceps? Instead of standing and doing repetitive curls and rows, why not add in some HIIT, abs, supersets, and more?! So, that I did. And ya know what? IT WAS FUN! I made sure to keep every workout very different, with a new format and moves each workout, and trying to keep workouts between 20-30 minutes.

These workouts are meant to maintain muscle, not grow (unless you're really using HEAVY weights). Think: pretty tank top arms, sculpted back, and feeling confident in a sleeveless dress. Yes, please!

18 workouts total. And really, any plan of attack works, For example:

- 2 workouts a week for 9 weeks, allowing you to keep other workouts in the mix

- 3 workouts a week for 6 weeks, allowing you to keep other workouts in the mix

- completing as you please; keeping these in the bank for whenever you need a back and bicep workout

Total (including taxes)
USD $80.00