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Training For Motherhood Buy Collection Training For Motherhood

A complete and jam-packed pregnancy-safe program that trains you for EVERY stage of motherhood: pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum, and everyday motherhood movements.

Every single exercise in this program is written intentionally with the thought of "how can this be applied to motherhood" behind it:

  • We focus on strengthening our full body and core during First Trimester to carry us through the rest of pregnancy.

  • We work on maintaining that strength, building endurance, and strengthening imbalances during Second Trimester, really utilizing that second trimester energy.

  • And we continue to use what we've learned and worked on in prior trimesters to prepare us for the big birth day during Third Trimester as we slow things down and focus on labor prep.

Each trimester includes movements that directly translate over to motherhood, whether that's strengthening our upper body to carry the carseat and diaper bag, or work on hip mobility to prepare us for birthing positions, or build our core to better help us during postpartum recovery. We truly are training for motherhood.

Follow along with me (and my pregnancy!) as we TRAIN FOR MOTHERHOOD, together. This program includes workouts for every single trimester and downloadable PDFs with written workouts, information on what each trimester includes, modifications, what changes are happening in our body, and more.

Equipment needed:

  • A set of dumbbells (for reference: I alternate between a set of 8 pound and 10 pound dumbbells)

  • Stability ball

  • Long band

  • Short band

  • A small ball or pillow

  • An incline (you'll see me using a bench, but this is not required--anything at home works: coffee table, cooler, etc)

  • Any other weights are optional. I use a "heavier weight (35 pounds) during certain workouts, but this is not mandatory)

Please never hesitate to reach out to me with questions (as a member, on the Community Questions tab or as a non-member, through email or DM) with any questions you may have! Now, let's train for motherhood, Mama 🤰🏼

Total (including taxes)
USD $150.00