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The Ultimate Motherhood Bundle Buy Bundle (106 videos) The Ultimate Motherhood Bundle

The most requested bundle is finally here! This bundle of workouts is the perfect way to approach fitness during your pregnancy and postpartum journey. What's included?

Training For Motherhood: my 40-week prenatal program, that guides moms to safely and confidently workout throughout their pregnancies by building strength, learning to strengthen and release pelvic floor, build endurance, and prep for birth. 

Core & Pelvic Floor Restore: my 7-week postpartum program that moms can start as early as 12 hours postpartum, that helps rebuild the foundation of the postpartum body by restoring the pelvic floor and reconnecting to the core. 

Booty After Baby: my 4-month postpartum program that builds strength through a progressive overload format. With 45 follow along workouts, moms can strengthen their pelvic floor and rebuild the pancake booty. 

I'm thrilled to be offering this bundle as a resource for women becoming moms (for either the first or fifth time!), as they navigate these chapters in life. 

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USD $350.00